Our comprehensive acquisition services provide clients with healthy, quarantined, pathogen free, legally and sustainably collected Hawaiian and Central Pacific marine life. We take pride in partnering exclusively with institutions who offer programs in education of marine biology, sustainability practices and marine conservation.


  • Our team of divers and aquarists are on hand to offer full-service support from the moment your request comes in. We maintain a fleet of three Boston Whalers, each with custom-built features specific for specimen collection.Using sustainable techniques and specialized gear, we are able to collect healthy marine life from Hawaiian waters. Our newest technology can successfully bring up fish from a depth of 100 meters and we specialize in the collection of sharks and rays.
  • Marine specimens are then transported to holding facilities to undergo a quarantine process for two weeks. The process includes staging, acclimation, health assessments, medical treatment, ectoparasite cleaning, behavior conditioning and feed target training.
  • During the quarantine period, transport logistics to the client location are confirmed including the use of custom shipping transport tanks. Carrier reservations are coordinated via air cargo.
  • Prior to shipping, exit exams are performed by a fish veterinarian DVM and we provide follow up for the animals through successful arrival.
  • We do keep a few specimens like eagle rays, small sharks, and fish in stock to anticipate upcoming orders.

We are happy to provide a list of references upon request from serious inquiries. Our clients are satisfied and enthusiastic curators and staff of facilities that we are pleased to call partners and friends.

For questions, price lists or to place an order, please contact us. We look forward to working with you!