Kevin Izumi
Founder and Acquisition Director

With over 35 years in the industry, Kevin provides invaluable experience in the areas of:
– Sustainable live specimen acquisition services to public and education institutions
– Captive husbandry and quarantine of elasmobranchs, reef fish and invertebrates
– Live exhibit design and fabrication, including life-support filtration system design
– Marine life education thru interactive programs with various reef organisms

As one of the pacific region’s leading experts in the field, Kevin began his career in the tropical fish industry, primarily live specimen collection and fish exhibitry. Initially traveling throughout the South Pacific, Australia, the Central Pacific and the Indo Pacific Ocean, he established diving and shipping stations for the supply and culture of tropical marine life.

Later, Kevin transitioned into the design and fabrication of marine and freshwater living exhibits and has consulted on projects for public aquariums, private residential estates, natural history museums, education institutes, and commercial developments all over the country.

Understanding the need to foster marine education and appreciation among the general public, Kevin and his team of biologists and aquarists, developed a popular interactive and educational program 19 years ago utilizing selected marine life including reef sharks, stingrays, spotted eagle rays, reef fish and invertebrates that focuses on marine life natural history, conservation and sustainability.

Most recently, Kevin has honed his collection techniques for the continued acquisition of marine life and now offers this service exclusively to public aquariums, educational and scientific institutions.

Kevin attended the University of Hawaii and has two adult daughters, Kristina and Kandace.




Jessica Takishita
Founder and Operations Manager

Jess is the co-founder of Reef and Ray Marine and in her current role as the Operations Manager, oversees the company’s staff and daily activities of the acquisition, concierge and education services. Since 2006, she has been an integral part of the team with work on projects like the planning and construction of large quarantine facilities which involved design, plumbing, and new system start-up. Her expertise extends to collection, quarantine, logistics and successful shipping of elasmobranch, teleost, and invertebrate to various public aquariums and scientific institutions.

However, Jess’ real passion is in marine education and was instrumental in the program development of Reef and Ray’s educational arm, an interactive program at Ihilani Resort that required extensive work in husbandry and conditioning of various fish, invertebrates, sharks, and rays. She strongly believes that education through interaction is a great way to get people to develop a more personal connection and appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Jess holds a B.S. in Zoology from Oregon State University. The eternal water woman, when not working Jess can be found surfing Oahu’s best breaks. But to balance life on land, she is also training for her second marathon and loves to try new restaurants.




Kimberly Fuller
Senior Aquarist and Programs Manager

As a Senior Aquarist and Programs Manager, Kim is responsible for the client and guest experience of Reef and Ray Marine’s concierge and educational services. Prior to joining the team, she worked in aquaculture at Kualoa Ranch and husbandry of elasmobranchs, teleosts, invertebrates and sea turtles at Sea Life Park Hawaii. Her experience also includes maintenance of open and closed system marine tanks and interactive programs with guests.

Kim attended Chapman University in California and received her B.S. in Biology with an Organismal Emphasis. Graduating with honors, she won the Ronald M. Huntington Award for Outstanding Scholarship in her senior year as a result of her distinguished academic record and research on limpets and seahares found along California’s coastline.

In her free time, Kim loves to hike, surf, fish, dive and is Rescue Diver certified with PADI. She also makes wearable art from sea glass and shells found while walking her dogs on the beach.